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My husband and I recently celebrated out 22nd wedding anniversary.  5 kids, 2 weddings, and 2 grandkids later, we are still celebrating.   It seems more and more in this day and age that we are not the ‘norm’. Very few of my children’s friends have parents who are still married to each other.  I think that is so incredibly sad.

Before I go any further, let me just say that I am NOT JUDGING you if you have a “failed” relationship of any type.  I know that things happen, and I know there are valid reasons for divorce and broken relationships.  I am far from perfect, and would not dream of trying to tell you that my way is better in any way than yours.  My purpose in this little blog is to provide a little encouragement for whatever relationship(s) you may have.

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I know, you probably think this is about the fact that I haven’t posted in such a long time.  And yes, for that I truly am sorry.  No excuse except the fact that I work full time, and still have a husband, a teenager, and a pre-teen living at home.  We are done with wrestling season, finally, but are in the middle of band, soccer, and end of  school year activities.  I do have several posts started, I just need to finish a little research on them, and I will post again soon, I promise.

But that’s NOT what this post is about. It is much deeper than that. You see, I have been reading and studying the parable of the lost sons from Luke 15:11-32. I have always looked at that parable as a great story of  how God loves us no matter what we do and will always welcome us with open arms when we admit our need for him.  And it is, because he does.  But I never gave much thought to the second part of the parable. When the younger brother  is welcomed home, the elder brother  throws a little ‘tizzy fit’.  He doesn’t think it’s fair.  He, the elder brother, stayed behind, took care of the family farm, worked hard, never did anything wrong…and yet a party was never thrown for him to celebrate what a wonderful son he was. Funny thing is, at the end of the parable, he is still outside the party, refusing to go in and enjoy himself.

I’m afraid that’s how I have acted my entire life.  (Even during the portion of my life I was acting a bit more like the younger brother did.) I was raised with a very strict sense of right and wrong.   Unfortunately, I have used my moral guidelines to judge everyone else by.  Whether I know you or not, I have probably judged you at some time.  It has been really brought to my attention in multiple ways the last few weeks how bad I am at that.  So, I apologize.  Just because you think differently than I do, does not make you a bad person. And it most certainly does not make me more deserving of anything. God created variety for a reason and I believe it is my duty and privilege  to accept that.

When my oldest son got engaged to a girl I barely knew, I told him that I could see that he loved her very much, so therefore I loved her.  Now they’ve been married almost 2 years. I know her a bit better, and I still adore her. I believe we should maybe broaden that perspective a bit.  The Bible tells us that God loves ALL of his children.  What would it take the next time you meet someone  you don’t see eye to eye with, to accept and love them just because you know that God does?  It is my sincere prayer that  when we meet, you would feel nothing but love.  And I will have the privilege of knowing you better because I’m not prejudging you according to my own belief system. Continue reading

Amazing Easter!

Every year sometime during the Easter season, I try to watch “The Passion of the Christ”. My husband thinks this is a gruesome tradition. But he doesn’t quite understand what I know.
You see, Jesus didn’t deserve to be beaten. He didn’t deserve to be crucified on a cross like a common criminal. He was (and IS) God after all.
I can try to convince myself that I’m a pretty good person, I’m not all that bad, I should deserve…. What I really deserve is punishment. Romans 3:23 reminds me that everyone has sinned, even me. And because I have sinned, I deserve the punishment that Jesus suffered.
So why do I watch that movie every year? Because it never ceases to amaze me that he allowed them to be that awful, so that he could fulfill the plan that would make it possible for me to have eternal life with him.Think about it. In Mathew 26:53-54, Jesus says “Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels? But how then would the Scriptures be fulfilled that say it must happen in this way?”
He certainly didn’t have to. He knew exactly what would happen when he chose to come be one of us. But he loved us so much, that he chose to do this for us. And HE IS RISEN!!! Continue reading

Quiet Times

My husband thinks I am crazy. Every morning I get up long before anyone else, so I can read. Actually, I have what I call devotion time. I spend time reading in my Bible, and talking with God. There are times when I really don’t feel like getting up. But when I make myself, I am always glad. Having such a good relationship with my maker has helped me through some tough times.
We all have rough times in our lives. I had a particularly difficult period a few years ago. It started with my son getting in a serious car accident. (He is ok now, praise God.) I thought everything was coming to a head when my father passed away less than a year later. Then my mother died a few short months later. Then of course there were all of the lovely family issues that come up when both parents die. Somewhere in there I lost my job. And I won’t go into all of the relationship issues with my husband and children. (Yes, teenagers!) Continue reading