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Three years ago today, my dad passed away.   We knew he was sick, and he had gone to the hospital on Monday to have a surgery that might help him.  His blood pressure was too low to do surgery, and he died on Friday. One of the saddest things I heard that week, was my mother talking to him, holding his hand, and saying “we never did get you on that fishing trip to Alaska”.  You see, my dad was an avid fisherman. And it had always been a dream of his to go with all of his boys (5 sons plus 1 son-in-law)  But we never quite got  around to getting the trip planned.  it seemed like there was just never quite enough time and/or money.  I guess we figured ‘someday’ it would be easier.  My dad was only 74 when he died. And now my brothers especially have to live with that regret.

What is keeping you from living out your someday? What can you do today to start making some of those dreams come true?

My mom did beautiful handwork

As long as I can remember, my mother did handwork.  She did crochet, beadwork, cross-stitch, plastic canvas, and anything else she could figure out. This is a picture of one of her last pieces of work, when she finally decided to make something for herself.  I’m sure she made hundreds of gorgeous Indian dolls from plastic canvas. To my knowledge, she never sold a lot in any shop; but she sure sold a lot by word of mouth. She would just be working on a project and someone would ask her what she was working on; before you knew it they had ordered 3 sets.

If Mom were still around today, I would help her set up an Etsy shop like my friend, Brenda, did. Brenda is another one of those incredibly talented, crafty ladies. I’m sure she will do well with her shop. It give her an outlet for some of her creativity, and helps her make a little spending money.

Especially in this day and age, it seems that everyone is looking for some way to make a little extra money.  Even if you are lucky enough to have a job, you never know what is going to happen. 401k’s seem to be losing money faster than you can put it in.  Many people I know have a 2nd job, or a ‘side business’ that they do to help make ends meet or to help pay for their hobbies and fun.  Either way, it gives them a little peace of mind.

I would love to hear about what you do for that little bit of something extra.

Suicide is a major, preventable health issue. It seems to be one of those things that ‘other people’ have to deal with. But being aware of the problem can not only help us to deal with it more effectively, it can help us prevent it. Check out this link Suicide Prevention Wow. It made me cry as I could almost feel the despair in Terry’s story. Continue reading

How’s Your Memory

My kids often kid with me that I have some-timers disease.  Sometimes I remember, sometimes I forget.   Although it is fun to joke with my family from time to time,  my mental health is something that I take very seriously. I watched the movie “The Notebook” again the other night.  It breaks my heart to think about how sad it would be to totally forget everyone and everything you have lived for and loved your whole life. I believe that the more you really use your brain, actively engaging and challenging it, the less likely you are to lose the use of it later in life. Continue reading