We all know someone who is passionate about one thing. Sometimes it seems that everything else falls by the wayside as they focus on the one thing that they are passionate about. While I applaud their dedication, I personally feel that life is meant to be a little more balanced.   We should definitely be aware of the world around us, and even be proactive.

I also believe that we have a duty to take care of ourselves. I know some people who are so focused on improving their mental and physical health, that their physical health suffers.  And I know some people who are very focused on their physical health, but their mental health suffers. The focus of this blog will be the different areas that we should focus on to keep ourselves fit to be able to be proactive in the world around us.

I don’t claim to be an expert on any of the topics I am discussing, but I am always learning. I hope to share valuable information as I continue to learn.  I am simply sharing things that I learn along the way. I encourage you to check the sources and discover for yourself.  My sincere hope is that my notes would inspire you to learn more for yourself and make your own conclusions.