It seems the dust has mostly settled and most of us have gone from arguing about whether or not this should have been passed. Now the task at hand it to figure out how it really affects us. Personally, I am not a lawyer, so trying to decipher the new law is no easy task.

One thing I can do, and feel that it is my responsibility to do, is to take care of my own health. I really don’t think it is fair to expect anyone else to be more responsible for our health than we are. But when we continuously make poor lifestyle choices and very poor diet choices, then expect doctors to cure us of what ails us, that is exactly what we are doing.
The problem is, doctors really aren’t in business to cure us. They deal with the symptoms and make us feel better. But as long as we keep doing the same things, and eating the same type of foods, the disease keeps coming back (if it ever went away).
For true health care reform, we need to change ourselves from the inside out. We know that disease thrives in an acid environment, so our goal should be to become as alkaline as possible. We can do this by:

  • Drinking good, ionized, alkalized water
  • Eating at least 80% plant based food
  • Exercising regularly
  • Finding healthy ways to deal with and eliminate stress from our lives
  • Developing positive relationships

I will be posting a couple recipes later in the week to help with the eating more alkaline. You can check out the links on my page for Kangen water to learn about the best ionized, alkaline water. And here is a list of suggested reading material.

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