My husband thinks I am crazy. Every morning I get up long before anyone else, so I can read. Actually, I have what I call devotion time. I spend time reading in my Bible, and talking with God. There are times when I really don’t feel like getting up. But when I make myself, I am always glad. Having such a good relationship with my maker has helped me through some tough times.
We all have rough times in our lives. I had a particularly difficult period a few years ago. It started with my son getting in a serious car accident. (He is ok now, praise God.) I thought everything was coming to a head when my father passed away less than a year later. Then my mother died a few short months later. Then of course there were all of the lovely family issues that come up when both parents die. Somewhere in there I lost my job. And I won’t go into all of the relationship issues with my husband and children. (Yes, teenagers!)
Unfortunately, I am one of those people who is more than happy to reach out and listen / help others when they are in need; but rarely will I tell anyone how deeply I am hurting. During that time I spent countless hours studying my Bible and crying out to God. I wrote my prayers for comfort, guidance and direction in the margins of my Bible. The amazing thing now is when I come across those prayers as I am reading now, I can see exactly how God was faithful to answer those prayers. God is ALWAYS good and faithful.
I realize that not everyone shares the same beliefs that I do. I would love to talk with you about those differences. (That would be were the evangelical comes in.) But whatever you do believe, I encourage you to spend some time discovering what you really believe, and building your faith. It can definitely help you through some tough times.