My son will be wrestling in our state wrestling championships this weekend.  I am very proud, of course, but that is not the point of this particular blog.  There will be a mass parade of boys who are in excellent physical condition.  They are carefully watching their weight (another topic for future discussion); and they work out hard. As my daughter would exclaim, those guys are ripped! For all of these boys, their hard work is paying off.  It will be an especially grueling weekend with 5 or 6 intense matches each day. But they are, for the most part, ready.  Personally, I will find myself looking into the stands and wondering how the boys in such good condition can belong to the parents in the stand. Yes, I am including myself in that thought. I wouldn’t last 15 minutes through one of my son’s wrestling practices.

I have friends who run marathons.  Some who like to ride bikes on long mountainous trails. I’m not one of them, yet. I know I need to excercise, but it is so easy to come up with excuses. Time is my biggest thing. And the fact that I am out of shape and can’t quite do as much as I’d like.  I personally can’t imagine going to a gym to work out, where other people can see exactly how out of shape I am.  Others need the social support to keep going.  Whatever your personal preference is, you need to start somewhere.   Just remember to start small.  And always use some common sense and check with your doctor before beginning.

I won’t be wrestling or jogging this week.  Perhaps I can walk around the block. Maybe I’ll spend a few minutes on the elliptical machine that is collecting dust in my basement.  I’ll save the marathon for next year.